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What is Gliding?

Gliding is many different things to many different people. For some, it is just a casual hobby, and a way to meet new people. For others, it is an inexpensive way to get airborne. For others, gliding offers the exhilaration of spectacular looking aerobatics. For many, including the competitors in these world championships, it is a cutting edge sport.

For all, though, it is a silent and graceful way of flying without an engine.

Gliding is the ultimate free flying experience. It is a truly diverse sport that can be enjoyed at all levels: from the thriving club scene, to aerobatics, to the international racing competitions, currently dominated by British pilots (with five World Champions).

Gliders soar using the same air currents that birds use to fly, but have also been designed with the kind of aerodynamic efficiency that enables top speeds of up to 170 mph. Distances of over 600 miles have been covered in one day in the UK and heights of almost 40,000 feet have been achieved.

Gliding is also a sport for all ages - from those who go solo on their 16th birthday through their club cadet schemes; there is no upper age limit.

Having learned how to fly the aircraft, students go on to learn how to keep the glider in the air for many hours at a time - often called "soaring".

In this section we have information on;

- Staying Up,

- Modern Gliders

- and Glider Racing.


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24/10/2014 13:23
SUPER SATURDAY OCT 25th. Aerotow discounts for members - two new tugs to try out - come along!

16/09/2014 09:22
Big thanks to everybody who worked so hard to make the Festival so enjoyable - even the weatherman!

26/08/2014 15:07
There is a fly in at sandhill Farm on 13th September alongside the flying pig festival. All aircraft types welcome just ppr please on 07762931590

26/08/2014 08:25
Thanks Peter B for retrieving me on Saturday. Much appreciated!

12/08/2014 21:39
Fridays weather looking good so can tow if anybody wants to fly. Grin

04/08/2014 21:02
Good afternoon flying with 5 tows and everyone getting away for good flights. Smile

12/07/2014 16:55
Nice day all round... if a bit hot! Nice to see the Red Arrows today, and the ice cream van was very very welcome. Smile

02/07/2014 11:24
I can be at the club later today if anybody wants to fly just call me. Will also be there tomorrow afternoon after some work in the morning.

01/07/2014 23:17
Hi Kev! Blast I was working that day, but in Andover. I'll drop you a line regarding flying this week. Graeme

28/06/2014 07:26
I will be at the club Monday 30th June if anybody wants to fly.

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